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Education: a tool to improve social progress

To face the challenges still present within the continent, we founded La Maison Papyrus in 2017, an Ivorian based company specialized in education and Corporate Social Responsibility. Our team believes that education is the main tool to make sustainable change in our societies. To reach our goals, we create CSR projects based on educational content. We provide educational solutions to all actors willing to positively impact their environment. We operate in Côte d’Ivoire and all west African countries.

Where we focus our efforts

Our clients are companies, schools, and NGOs. They all contribute to life quality improvement according to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MGD).


La Maison Papyrus support companies in their Corporate Social Responsibilities’ strategies by providing CSR solutions based on educational actions. Our educational projects are designed by professionals to match African contexts.
They are created for :

Students already enrolled in schools supported by your company

Students who do not get help from your company at the moment

Your employees’ children ( through the employee representative committee)


La Maison Papyrus offers several services to improve schools’ performances, in order to fit students expectations. 

We will help you explore crucial questions such as recruitment, teacher training, after school activities, programs’ Africanization to create or reinvent your school’s projects.

Civil Society

La Maison Papyrus supports NGO’s and associations in their action and development. We create communication mediums and provide various types of training to agents in charge of societal issues: illiteracy, environmental protection, women empowerment etc.