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Kid’Oz is an educational program designed and developed by La Maison Papyrus. Kid’Oz provides primary school’s activities in five domains: environment, digital, language, maths and art. This program is :

Innovative and digital-friendly

We provide digital and math activities dedicated to computer programming.

Suitable to African environments

All our contents are filled with African heritage references.

Ready to be customize

Our educational contents can be adjusted to your company’s themes and values. They adapt to your environment end follow your business line.

Focused on issues related to sustainable development

We offer activities dedicated to ecology to make learners aware of environmental issues.

At the end of Kid’Oz students will be able to :

Take care of the environment by applying basic ecological principles

Construct pictures based on the computer language

Deepen their knowledge of African literature through engaging activities

Apply maths concepts related to computer programming

Create art crafts based on African fabric prints


La Maison Papyrus has designed the African Orientation Program specifically for students living in Africa or willing to know more about African culture.

We provide culturally relevant and research-based tools to students. Our goal is to instill a better understanding of their environment and enhance who they are in the context of today’s growing global village.

At the end of AOP, student’s will be able to:

Examine the inseparable link between African creations and contemporary art movements.

Create arts and crafts based on African fabric prints.

Construct a cohesive analysis of African history: definition(s), origins, forms, etc.

Discover African literature and compare African and Western authors’ point of view.

Apply maths concept to the local context.

I experienced my greatest artistic emotions when the sublime beauty of sculptures by unnamed artists of Africa suddenly appeared before me. These religious, passionate, and rigorously logical works of art are the most powerful and beautiful products of the human imagination.” Pablo Picasso


Papyrus training

Good teachers are the key to successful educational projects. Our team believes that high-quality teacher training is the main tool to improve students’ results and personal development. in order to reach our goals, we provide dynamic types of training by diversifying our methods. Faithful to the Montessori spirit, the learner is often as active as the teacher.